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We knew that the National Football League's brand new online network would eventually come to the Apple TV. And now it's here. After not being a part of the NFL Now device lineup on launch day, Apple's streaming box is finally adding the video service to its growing channel portfolio. There are no Apple TV-specific features in tow, and therefore you should expect the same type of content as on apps from other platforms -- such as real-time highlights, live press conferences analysis and, with NFL Now Plus, access to the league's NFL Films vault. Don't worry if you're not seeing it on your Apple TV yet, as it's just started rolling out and it may take a little while before you see the app show up. It''ll be there soon, though, scout's honor.

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TSA Debuts First Recovery Act Funded Advanced Imaging Device

For a while now, folks have been discussing how Rapiscan backscatter X-ray machines used at various security checks can be easily duped. Since metal shows up as black shapes on the scan, it's quite easy to hide something on one's side, or attached to the inside of clothing, blending in to the captured image's background. A cooperative effort amongst researchers from the University of California at San Diego, University of Michigan and John Hopkins has been looking into possible tricks of their own. The group discovered that teflon tape could be used to conceal a weapon on the spine, malware is capable of faking image captures and wrapping items (like simulated explosives) around the body could make them read as flesh on the scans. A bit of good news is the Rapiscan Secure 1000 model tested by the team was swapped out last year by the TSA in favor of millimeter-wave scanners that provide a less detailed image to security personnel. However, the systems remain in use for government buildings around the US.

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Vine video importing

If there has been a recurring gripe with Vine, it's that you've had to capture all your videos in Vine to share them -- you either had to record 6-second square clips or head elsewhere. You won't have to make that compromise any more, though. As of today, iOS users (Android is coming soon) can use existing videos in their Vines, no matter how many are needed or how they were shot. If you want to stitch together highlights from your iPhone 5s' slow-motion footage, you can.

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Jawbone Up24

If you've ever groused that you don't get enough sleep, you now know that you're not alone -- far from it, in fact. The Wall Street Journal has provided a rare glimpse at the tracking data from hundreds of thousands of Jawbone Up wearers worldwide, revealing both their collective sleeping habits as well as their activity when they're awake. And... it's not looking good. Even in well-rested cities like Melbourne, the average person slept just over the minimum recommended 7 hours. In Tokyo, many people get less than 6 hours. You don't want to look to your friends for help, then, since they're probably just as groggy as you.

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Keep everything hush-hush, please!

Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras launched their own news site, The Intercept, to post high-profile leaks without worrying about the hassles that can come with publishing through major media outlets. They don't have to worry that an outside editor will put the kibosh on an Edward Snowden story due to government pressure, for instance. However, that isn't precluding officials from doing what they can to limit access. The US military has issued directives that ban staff from reading The Intercept due to the classified material that frequently pops up, particularly from a new reported leak source. Workers caught browsing the content might face "long term security issues," one such memo warns. And that's if they can read it at all; people in multiple military branches say the site is blocked altogether.

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If you're in the market for a new handset to accompany you on campus this fall, your timing's just right. You couldn't ask for a better selection of choices, and plenty of the phones in the gallery below are downright budget-friendly. That said, if you can hold off for a bit, you might want to see what Apple and Samsung have in store -- both companies are expected to announce new smartphones within the next month. Note that we've listed devices based on their unlocked and contract-free prices, though you'll pay less up front if you sign up with a carrier. Oh, and don't forget to check out the rest of our Back To School guide for more product picks.

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Verizon Wireless store

You may think that the Play Store is a fine place to get Android apps, but Verizon apparently isn't very happy with Google's dominance -- it wants carriers to have some control. Sources for The Information claim that Verizon is in early talks with both other providers and hardware makers to create a global Android store that lets developers make full use of the "specific features" of a given network. Developers would be encouraged to hop aboard by getting the freedom to advertise, and there would be dynamic app recommendations that not only suggest downloads based on where you are (like iOS), but also the time of day and friend activity. Think of it as an adaptive interface for apps you don't own yet.

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The Nook tablets were seriously under appreciated. And while Samsung certainly makes some nice devices, there's something a little sad about seeing the Nook name slapped on a rather generic looking slate from the Korean manufacturer. But it was inevitable, I suppose. After years of hemorrhaging cash as the market for physical books dried up, Barnes & Noble had to find ways to save money, and outsourcing the manufacturing of its slow selling slates to a third party made perfect sense. The first device to result from this new approach is the Galaxy Tab 4 Nook. And, while it might sound a little glib, it's basically just the Galaxy Tab you already know with few software extras baked in. But, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Uber, the on-demand car startup that's apparently twice as valuable as SpaceX, apparently isn't satisfied with just one paltry mobile app. That's why it finally did what many Silicon Valley prognosticators thought it would: it launched a free API (application programming interface, if you were curious) to coax developers into baking Uber features into their apps. The company's ultimate goal? To quietly invade the rest of your mobile world so you can't help but flag down a black town car with your smartphone someday.

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Solar power plant in Ivanpah, California

A common sight in the sky above the world's largest solar thermal power plant is a "streamer," a small plume of smoke that occurs without warning. Closer inspection, however, reveals that the source of the smoke is a bird which has inadvertently strayed into the white-hot heat above the plant's many reflecting mirrors. Because the BrightSource Energy plant near Ivanpah uses supercritical steam rather than photovoltaic energy, the sun's heat is reflected off more than 300,000 mirrors to a single point, which is used to drive a steam turbine. The downside of that, of course, is that it's lethal for any wildlife that strays into the picture -- a problem that was recognized well before the facility opened, but now the government has gotten involved.

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